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Matthew Sadler LCC London 2013
Matthew Sadler LCC London 2013

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Latest news! "Chess for Life" has won the ECF Book of the Year 2016 prize

Chess for Life, Matthew Sadler Chess, Natasha Regan
Chess for Life, Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan

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Study Chess with Matthew Sadler

23rd February 2017
Matthew Sadler

The King is a strong (or foolhardy) piece!

An oft-quoted maxim of Wilhelm Steinitz is that “the king must be treated as a strong piece both for attack and defence”. While sceptical about the truth of this statement while queens are on the board, I thought of it more than once while analysing a series of tactical queenless middlegame from a book “Damen read more…

16th February 2017
Matthew Sadler

Lessons from the 4NCL – January 2017

The 4NCL continued in Northampton on 14th-15th January 2017. Fortified by 2 lovely meals courtesy of our generous captain Roger Emerson, I managed to produce a nice attacking finish on the Sunday morning. Presumably I’d need 4 great meals to play well both days! The attack had some unusual points and my investigations prompted the read more…

"The secret of my success: with every move I force the opponent to think for themselves!"

- Alexander Alekhine

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I am a Chess Grandmaster and writer, and one of England's top players. When I am not doing my job as an IT Consultant in Holland, I try to fill my free time with as much chess as possible


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Writing and discussing chess has always been one my passions. I review chess books in a regular column for New in Chess magazine and have written 6 books myself. I also contribute to chess videos regularly.

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I hope that you enjoy the site. I will enrich its content over time and would love to hear what you think. Let me know whether there are any topics you would like me to cover in my blog.


"How many moves do I consider when analysing? Only one, but it's always the best one!"

- Emanuel Lasker

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