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Matthew Sadler LCC London 2013
Matthew Sadler LCC London 2013

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"Re-Engineering the Chess Classics"

Nominated for the 2023 Chess.com Book of the Year

Re-Engineering the Chess Classics. A silicon reappraisal of thirty-five classic games.
Re-Engineering the Chess Classics by Matthew Sadler and Steve Giddins

"The Silicon Road to Chess Improvement"

The Silicon Road to Chess Improvement by Matthew Sadler
The Silicon Road to Chess Improvement by Matthew Sadler

"Game Changer" won the ECF Book of the Year 2019 and the FIDE Book of the Year 2019

Game Changer by Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan
Game Changer by Matthew Sadler and Natasha Regan

8th February 2024
Matthew Sadler

Deep Blue rediscovered: introduction to my YouTube series on the 1997 match

Garry won the 1996 match against Deep Blue by 4-2, though not without losing the first game. The 1997 match was thus eagerly awaited: what had / could Deep Blue learn from the first match and how much would it have improved?

2nd February 2024
Matthew Sadler

Deep Blue Rediscovered! Introduction to a new series on my Silicon Road YouTube channel!

The idea for a series of videos on the Garry Kasparov against Deep Blue matches of 1996 and 1997 came from a subscriber to my YouTube channel. I thought it was a great idea and I’ve become a bit obsessed with it!

26th January 2024
Matthew Sadler

All you need is rhythm (but I ain’t got that)

I am pretty confident I have analysed more engine games than anyone else in the world, and I truly feel that my understanding of chess has benefited greatly from it. However, some aspects of engine play and evaluation are still difficult to grasp and internalise. I came across an instructive example of this while analysing a line of the Classical Pirc with 6…Nc6.

18th January 2024
Matthew Sadler

Unresolved contradictions and the mystery of Bh6 in the Pirc!

There are many difficult things about learning a new chess opening, but unresolved contradictions are perhaps the most painful. Unresolved contradictions typically arise in a student’s mind when opening courses praise a strategy in one chapter and then show it leading nowhere in another!

"The secret of my success: with every move I force the opponent to think for themselves!"

- Alexander Alekhine

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I am a Chess Grandmaster and writer, and one of England's top players. When I am not doing my job as an IT Consultant, I fill my free time with as much chess as possible


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Writing and discussing chess has always been one of my passions. I review chess books in a regular column for New in Chess magazine and have written 8 books myself. I also contribute to chess videos regularly.

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"How many moves do I consider when analysing? Only one, but it's always the best one!"

- Emanuel Lasker

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