Chess for Life On Tour! London Chess Classic

December 29, 2016 Matthew Sadler No comments exist

December is a hectic time at work, but I always make time for a visit to the wonderful London Chess Classic. The Classic never disappoints. It’s a unique experience: a celebration of chess in all its forms based around a prestigious super-grandmaster tournament.


This year was particularly exciting as Natasha and I were presented with the ECF Book of the Year award during the tournament. Before the presentation, Natasha and I gave a 20-minute super-quick Chess for Life lecture on Capablanca’s and Alekhine’s use of linked knights, and on Keith Arkell’s treatment of the Carlsbad structure. Once again, the stars of the show were the children who – after Natasha’s explanation of the themes – made a wonderful job of guessing Keith’s moves in his game against Stuart Conquest at Hove in 1997.


Some memories from the event. Many thanks to Ray Morris-Hill and Lennart Ootes for the wonderful photos!


Receiving the ECF Book of the Year Award, photo by Ray Morris-Hill


Receiving the ECF Book of the Year Award, photo by Lennart Ootes

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