Thank you to our “Chess for Life” Role Models!

March 25, 2016 Matthew Sadler No comments exist
Co-author Natasha Regan with one of our "Chess for Life" role models, Ingrid Lauterbach
Co-author Natasha Regan with one of our “Chess for Life” role models, Ingrid Lauterbach

Since the book has appeared, we’ve been catching up with our role models to hand over signed copies and thank them for their participation. At the recent 4NCL we caught up with Jon Speelman, Keith Arkell and Ingrid Lauterbach. Thanks to the help of a passing English GM, we managed to get a photo of one of those moments! Unfortunately, our friendly GM did not display the same skill in photography as he does on the chessboard. The book seems to have dropped off the photo…


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