Engine Snacks! Mate in 3!

November 13, 2021 Matthew Sadler 2 comments

A little test of your tactics this time from a mate that came up in an engine game. It was so beautiful and elegant I burst out laughing when I saw it! Spotting little tactics quickly and reliably is the key to successful practical play – the way to improve is to train solving positions like this!

Position after 91…Ke7 (game)

This is from the game Combusken-rofChade TCEC Swiss 2. White to play and mate in 3!


Position after 92.b4!! (game)


Position after 92…Ke6 (game) Now finish it off!

92…Ke8 93.Kd6 Kd8 94.Rf8#

93.Kd8! Kd6 94.Rf6#

Position after 94.Rf6#

2 Comments on “Engine Snacks! Mate in 3!

  1. I thought strong engines were programmed to resign when their opponents had this much of an advantage. Amusing position, though.

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