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Posted by Matthew Sadler on 21st April 2016

Rook Endings – Terry Chapman’s Theme

During our interview with Terry Chapman for “Chess for Life”, Terry mentioned one of the most memorable moves of his career played in a rook ending during his victory over the Russian Grandmaster Alexander Cherniaev. We didn’t have the space to include the game in the book, so we published it instead in a video

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 12th April 2016

Alekhine’s Themes – move it like Morphy!

Last weekend was my debut as a birthday present! A colleague asked me whether I would be interested in giving a chess lesson to his brother who had just turned 50 and who was keen on chess. Not only did it turn out to be a lovely Sunday, I also learnt a lot myself! The

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 9th April 2016

More nostalgia… Chess unites the ages!

My nostalgic article about a king hunt I played as a 10-year old and the effect it had on my future playing style (http://matthewsadler.me.uk/chess-for-life/when-we-were-young/) inspired my “Chess for Life” co-author Natasha Regan to dig up an old photo and one of her key chess moments.     The photo was taken when Natasha was 12,

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 9th April 2016

When we were young…

Looking through old albums for pictures for the website photo gallery put me into a nostalgic mood. Some games in your career take on almost mythical proportions in your mind. One such game is my game against J Thomson in the 1984 Thanet Major. I was very young – just 10 at the time –

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 7th April 2016

Interview with Alekhine

Just recently, I came across a couple of interesting posts about Alekhine. Have you ever wondered how the 4th World Champion sounded, and how he moved the pieces? Take a look at these links! On the chess24.com Community page: 1938 radio interview with Alexander Alekhine On the Chessbase.com site: Rare film footage of Alexander Alekhine