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Posted by Matthew Sadler on 9th November 2021

f7 Knight sacrifices in the Queen’s Indian!

A central break on move 14 unleashes the attacking potential in White’s position creating an attack which combines mating threats and queen traps to leave Black bound hand and foot!
It’s a really unusual attack with some instructive themes from a typical Queen’s Indian structure – well worth remembering!

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 9th November 2021

Silicon Road: Engine Snacks! Koi-pow!

This super-quick video is in our Engine Snacks series! Nothing deep or instructive this time – just a fantastic move to enjoy! Hopefully ideas like this can inspire you in your own games!

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 8th November 2021

Engine Snacks! To sac or not to sac?

Engines are amazing at sacrificing material, both in attack and defence. Leela neutralises unpleasant pressure against its position with a fabulous pawn sacrifice leaving Stockfish with no winning chances. -All players should study how engines defend – nobody does it better!

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 7th November 2021

Engine Snacks! Iron purpose and flexible execution!

We showcase excellent endgame technique from Stockfish against Komodo. It illustrates a key thinking skill that we should apply in our own games when struggling to convert a pawn advantage in a long game!

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 7th November 2021

A model Grunfeld for White

Komodo plays a model Grunfeld against Igel, pushing rook’s pawns AlphaZero-style on both wings to squeeze Black for space then cutting through Black’s porous kingside dark squares with a fine exchange sacrifice.
Any 1.d4 players who face the Grunfeld should note this as a model game: it’s a perfect example of what White should be aiming for!