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Posted by Matthew Sadler on 11th July 2018

Lessons from Kings Place 2018 – Part I

Last weekend was an opportunity for some good practice at the excellent Kings Place rapid tournament (http://chess-results.com/tnr362015.aspx?lan=1&art=1&rd=6&flag=30) After a very busy period at work, I wasn’t in inspired form but did enough to finish =2nd on 5/6 together with GM Luke Mcshane and IM Peter Roberson behind the winner GM David Howell. However, it’s always

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 20th June 2018

Activity and Zugzwang in Endings

Invigorated by preparing a training on endings for some keen youngsters, I’d like to share some general thoughts about activity in endings, and in particular in rook and pawn endings. Why are endgames important to study? Mastering endgames means understanding how to maximize the mobility and activity of each of your pieces, and understanding how

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 15th June 2018

Attacking with Tal – Part 3

I’ve been enjoying reading through Tibor Karolyi’s 3-volume Best Games Collection of Mikhail Tal and especially the 3rd volume dealing with Tal’s later games (1972-1992). I love those later games: Tal’s style is a wonderful blend of the swashbuckling attacking with which he stormed the pinnacle of the chess world with some smooth positional play

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 6th June 2018

Evening blitz at the 19th Sam Black Memorial!

This week, I made some more good use of my return to the UK by playing some Tuesday evening blitz after work in the Sam Black Memorial Open Blitz in Wanstead, London. Professor Sam Black is a former chairman of the North London League and this tournament was set up in his memory when he

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 1st June 2018

Sir George Thomas – Part IV

The top British players F.D. Yates and Sir George Thomas played many games against each other during their careers. Chessbase gives a total score of 12 wins, 12 draws and 9 losses for Sir George Thomas out of a total of 33 games, starting in 1918 and finishing in 1932, the year of Yates’ death.