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Posted by Matthew Sadler on 17th November 2017

King, Rook and 2 Pawns vs King, Rook and Pawn – Part 1

I’ve been spending some time looking through Muller and Konoval’s “Understanding Rook Endgames” presents findings about King, Rook & 2 Pawns versus King, Rook & Pawn endings using the latest 7-man tablebases.     One fact that amazed me was that the superior side wins 46% of King, Rook, a & b / g & h

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 3rd November 2017

Lessons from Haarlem 2016 – it ain’t necessarily so

Looking through some old analysis, I came across these fragments from a tournament I played just over a year ago. They seemed interesting to me so I hope you like them too! One of them at least is pretty spectacular!   From round 1: Sadler,Matthew D – De Roode,Martijn Haarlem 2016     We had

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 20th October 2017

Wedging with Alexei Shirov

While casually browsing through a compilation of positions, I came across this unusual position from the game Shirov-Topalov Bosnia 2000. The game was given as an example of a pawn wedge in the enemy camp which is quite understandable when you see the rest of the game! It’s worth playing it through without comments just

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 6th October 2017

Kingside attacks in the French structure

While idly flicking through recent games of Vishy Anand, my eye was drawn to the position on move 24 in his game against Robert Ruck.     It reminded me strongly of a very impressive game that Gawain Jones had played against Boris Gelfand at the 2013 London Classic:   1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.Bb5+

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 22nd September 2017

Lessons from the ROC Nova College Open 2017 – Part III

The next instalment in our examination of my games from the ROC Nova College Open in July is my 4th round game, the 3rd game of a rather tiring Saturday! I was desperate to finish promptly and have an early night but as always in such cases, the exact opposite happened! As always, a playable