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Posted by Matthew Sadler on 7th November 2021

A model Grunfeld for White

Komodo plays a model Grunfeld against Igel, pushing rook’s pawns AlphaZero-style on both wings to squeeze Black for space then cutting through Black’s porous kingside dark squares with a fine exchange sacrifice.
Any 1.d4 players who face the Grunfeld should note this as a model game: it’s a perfect example of what White should be aiming for!

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 6th November 2021

Engine Snacks! Pins, pins and more pins!

This super-quick article is in our Engine Snacks series! Just a beautiful little tactical exercise this time demonstrating some awesome geometry! Spotting an idea like this quickly in a game could net you a brilliant point!

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 5th November 2021

Engine Snacks! An exchange sacrifice you should never forget!

We showcase a strong and unexpected exchange sacrifice in a typical structure that can arise from many openings: Caro-Kann, Scandinavian, Alekhine’s and even Modern.
Knowing this idea might just net you a quick win against an incautious opponent!

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 4th November 2021

Mysterious pawn sacrifices!

In “The Silicon Road to Chess Improvement” I devote a whole chapter to engine sacrifices. In particular I noted the astonishing pawn sacrifices that engines make for long-term dynamic compensation. Stockfish’s pawn sacrifice against AllieStein is right up there in terms of mystery and superhuman judgement! Knowing this idea and the reasoning behind it will broaden your understanding of chess and open up a whole new range of possibilities in many positions!

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 4th November 2021

Silicon Road: Engine Snacks! Know this double rook endgame!

ck article is in our Engine Snacks series! Leela counters a positional squeeze from Stockfish by transposing into a double-rook endgame a pawn down. To my shock and surprise, this endgame – with Stockfish having a far-advanced a-pawn – was a simple draw!
Knowing this position and its unexpected result might save you a half point or two in your career!