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Posted by Matthew Sadler on 30th October 2021

Don’t believe your eyes…believe your engine!

One of the things I like when watching engine games are evaluations that surprise me. In particular I look out for positions that seem reasonable to human eyes but which produce a high engine evaluation. It’s struck me how often I am misled by plausible-looking development schemes.

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 30th October 2021

I could have done better!

ne chess nowadays is often a feast of amazement at the ideas they come up with, but from time to time something happens where you think: “I could have done better!” Such a surprising moment occurred in the massive Viewer Submitted Openings bonus event run by the TCEC in Season 21 in a game between Stockfish and Leela.

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 29th October 2021

Waiting for Black to topple over!

For any author it’s a wonderful moment to see a new book published, and that happened to me a week ago with the launch of “The Silicon Road to Chess Improvement” (New in Chess). The book explains many new and original ways to use engines for training, and distills opening and middlegame strategies from the greatest and most spectacular engine games played in recent years.

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 6th March 2021

Chess960 superhumans!

It’s Chess960 time at the TCEC! (https://tcec-chess.com) The more I watch these games, the more I feel that the gap between humans and engines is even higher in Chess960 than in normal chess. I loved the opening phase of this game between two of the less famous engines on show. I’m not sure I would

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 29th January 2021

Tigran Petrosian’s engine-like wisdom!

GM Matthew Sadler analyses a critical decision in game 80 of the TCEC SuperFinal between Leela Zero and Stockfish.