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Posted by Matthew Sadler on 2nd May 2016

Chess as a hobby

When work gets tough, I always look to chess – now just a hobby for me – for some joy and relief. So it was a nice boost to get a mail from my Dad at the beginning of April, pointing out that I’d just achieved my highest ELO rating ever – 2670 – beating

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 23rd April 2016

Chess for Life – On tour!

In the next couple of months, Natasha and I are on a “Chess for Life” tour, giving lectures at chess clubs and tournaments in England and Holland! During the lectures we’ll be explaining themes and techniques in the book and we’ll be showing how club players can apply them in their own games. We’ll be

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 23rd April 2016

Alekhine’s Themes – Gambits!

I’ve spent a bit of time recently taking a look at Alekhine’s opening repertoire. 3 things struck me in particular. First of all, Alekhine played gambits until the end of his life, even against the strongest players in the world. Some examples:   1.e4 e5 2.d4 exd4 3.c3     was a regular guest in

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 23rd April 2016

Tony Miles – unforgettable

My “Chess for Life” co-author Natasha pointed out to me that one of our role models and one of the greats of British Chess, GM Tony Miles, was born 61 years ago on this day. It seems incredible to think that Tony has already been dead for 15 years: you still see so many references

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 21st April 2016

Rook Endings – Terry Chapman’s Theme

During our interview with Terry Chapman for “Chess for Life”, Terry mentioned one of the most memorable moves of his career played in a rook ending during his victory over the Russian Grandmaster Alexander Cherniaev. We didn’t have the space to include the game in the book, so we published it instead in a video