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Posted by Matthew Sadler on 4th May 2017

Szabo’s best game

A few weeks ago, I talked about my visit to the Max Euwe Centre in Amsterdam and my purchase of the Hungarian Grandmaster Szabo’s (excellent) book of his Best Games. A reader Carsten Hansen mentioned that Szabo considered his game against Pirc to be his best achievement of his early years so I thought it

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 21st April 2017

Grinding with the rooks

While rummaging through some old score sheets, I came across a couple of interesting rook endings which I thought were worth sharing. They were both played for Solingen in the Bundesliga just after I retired from professional chess and started a full-time job in Amsterdam. In both cases, I was on the grinding side of

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 13th April 2017

Happy in the past!

I haven’t had much time for chess analysis for the past few weeks as I’ve just started a new job, but I did take a timeout last weekend for a visit to the Max Euwe centre in Amsterdam. After a lovely afternoon with my nose buried in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, I

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 7th April 2017

Lessons from the 4NCL – November 2015

In this article, I look back to an ending I played in the 4NCL in November 2015. It was a weekend of endgames for me as the queens came off the next day as soon as move 14!   I reached the position in the diagram after 31 rather dour moves. I felt my position

Posted by Matthew Sadler on 31st March 2017

A walk through memory lane

Whilst in England for Mother’s Day last weekend, I spent a couple of hours browsing through my old scorebooks again. A lot of memories there, some of which I thought might be interesting to share. As always, playable versions of these games are available at http://cloudserver.chessbase.com/MTIyMTYx/replay.html. We’ll start off with the very first tournament game